ZhivAtma Retreat center
Russia, South Ural, Chelyabinsk region,
Arkaim (place of power & sacred site)
Retreat Center.
We invite organized groups for wellness seminars,retreats and energy practices. We form eco-friendly tours to places of Power in the "Country of Towns".
At your service:
Hall for lectures and practice.
Dome building, built on the principles of sacred geometry.
Comfortable living conditions.
You can choose from the amenities inside the house or in the courtyard (toilet, shower, wash basin).
The fenced area.
The retreat center is located in a private area and is surrounded by a fence, which creates an additional atmosphere of comfort.
Possibility of catering (vegetarian, vegan, raw food diet) and transfer.
We will also help with organizing trips to places of power.
Hospitable homeowners.
They speak Russian and English, help with organizational issues, comfort in the house, and also tell you what sacred places you can visit nearby. These are very wonderful people!
A domed building (a truncated icosahedron) crowned by a five-sided pyramid of the golden section.
The Dome Building is intended for seminars, conferences, health classes and exercises, concerts and practices.
✔ The building is insulated, isolated from wind and rain;
The building is equipped with a lightning rod;
The building is designed for 80 people (in the format of the conference), during physical exercises - for 40 people. There are wooden seats with soft lining and backrest and a certain number of yoga mats.
Seminar equipment: large screen with a white canvas, speaker system (two speakers and an amplifier), microphones, BenQ projector, mobile flipchart (markers / paper).
Guest house with amenities inside.
Accommodation - men with men, women with women.

✓ Designed for 16 people;
✓ Friendly hospitable owners of the house (live in the same house in a separate room);
✓ Calling a taxi and transfer from the airport or railway station to the place of residence;
✓ Use of the Internet (WI-FI home network);✓ Use of a refrigerator and freezer;
✓ Use of a washing machine;
✓ Use of iron and ironing board;
✓ Two showers with hot water and underfloor heating in the house;
✓ Summer showers in the courtyard;
✓ Use of a hairdryer;
✓ Two separate toilet rooms in the house with underfloor heating;
✓ Ability to print documents on the printer (if necessary);
✓ Kitchen equipped with sink, gas stove, kettles. There are the necessary sets of utensils (cups, spoons, plates, containers for cooking);
✓ There is a grocery store in the village;
✓ From the house to the Bolshaya Karaganka river and the beach - 200 meters on foot;
✓ The ability to walk in the vicinity, visit places of worship (fortified settlement Arkaim, Mount of Love, Mount Shamanka, Mount of Mind , and Mount of Happiness). Upon request, you can arrange trips to other sacred places in the surrounding areas (for example, the Sintashta settlement);
✓ On the territory there is a place for a fire;✓ Organization of a Russian bath is carried out on request.
Accommodation in rooms with outdoor amenities (toilet, shower and wash basin - in the courtyard).
For reservations and informationplease leave a request
Or contact by phone +79163346701 (whatsApp / Viber / Telegram),+79167728568 (WhatsApp / Viber)
Email zhivatmacenter@mail.ru or yuraz85@gmail.com
Sacred space of the "Country of Towns"
Contact and location:
+79514363319 (Tele2 mobile communication)+79163346701 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
Instagram Zhivatma_arkaim
Chelyabinsk region, Kizilsky district, Aleksandrovsky village, Tsentralnaya St., 1, Dome Building.(a 15-minute walk from Arkaim camp, where there are places of worship - Mount Shamanka, Mount Love, the Bolshaya Karaganka River, as well as the ancient settlement in the reserve)
How to get there.
Contact us in advance for a transfer from the airport of Magnitogorsk, the railway station of Magnitogorsk or the railway station "Bredy".The nearest major city with a railway station and airport is Magnitogorsk, then 2 hours by taxi to the destination.
- From Sibay railway station (from Ufa)
- From Bredy railway station (from Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg, Novokuznetsk, Severobaikalsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Samara, Krasnodar, Sochi, Irkutsk, Novy Urengoy, Surgut, other cities with transfers in Yekaterinburg or Chelyabinsk) (1, 5 hours by taxi).- From the railway station Magnitogorsk (from Moscow, Ufa, Samara, Ryazan, Syzran) (2 hours by taxi).- From Magnitogorsk airport (from Moscow and Novosibirsk), (2 hours by taxi).